Research and teaching

Help for Academics

Services for your Research

Our librarians can optimise your research efforts across the entire Research Cycle.

1. Discovery & Design

  • Customised literature scans
  • One-on-one research consultations to identify core content
  • Citation snapshots

2. The Research Proposal

  • Identify your publications
  • Compile your ROPE
  • Discover funding opportunities

3. Research Management

  • Manage your name: if you can't be found you can't be cited
  • Manage your data

4. Research Output

Services for your Teaching

Supporting your teaching practice across the Learning & Teaching Cycle.

1. Design

  • Content for subject proposals
  • Information skills development
  • Content for eLearning
  • Reading lists
  • Curriculum transformation processes
  • Copyright compliance

2. Teach

  • Course materials
  • Information skills support
  • Tutor support
  • Learning spaces
  • Accreditation support

3. Evaluate

  • Support and guidance in the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning
  • Dedicated academic space
  • Literature scans for ULT/graduate certificate
Last reviewed: 9 October, 2018

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