University of Wollongong Collections


This page contains an overview of the various Collections maintained across the University of Wollongong, along with links to individual collection web sites/contact details.

More information on some of the collections: UOW Community and Partners: Resources for the Community

Aquatic Invertebrate Collection

This collection is predominantly for research purposes and includes voucher specimens of invertebrates from streams in the Illawarra (predominantly arthropods), as well as sponges and ascidians of the Illawarra and South Coast. In addition to specimens, colour slides of many of the marine invertebrates are also held.

Location: School of Biological Sciences (Building 35)
Contact: Andy Davis. Ph: 02 4221 3432

Campus Tree Walk

Initially developed by University Landscape Supervisor Leon Fuller in 1975, a program of propagating indigenous trees and shrubs has resulted in diversified walks within the Keira Green Corridor. The walks have established themselves as a fun and interactive learning tool for students and local enthusiasts. A separate Guide to the walk is available.

Location: University Campus
Web site: Campus Tree Walk

Geology Collection

This important teaching and research collection includes some 20,000 geological specimens (rocks, minerals and fossils). Highlights include a complete collection of local coals and the Howard Worner Collection.

Location: School of Earth & Environmental Sciences (Building 15)
Contact: School of Earth & Environmental Sciences. Ph: 02 4221 3721. Web site:

Janet Cosh Herbarium

A regional herbarium for the Illawarra, used for the continual development of research and teaching of Botany. The core of the collection consists of the work of Janet Cosh, grand-daughter of Louisa Atkinson. Highlights include over 5000 plant specimens, 35 field note books, 200 books, 150 maps, 1000 slides, and many photographs and illustrations of local flora.

Location: School of Biological Sciences (Building 35)
Web site: Janet Cosh Herbarium

Map Library

A working collection to support the teaching and research requirements of the School of Earth & Environmental Sciences. Includes some 30,000 maps, 10,000 air photos, and 500 atlases.

Location: School of Earth & Environmental Sciences (Building 15)
Contact: Richard Miller. Ph: 02 4221 3714

Science Centre and Planetarium

The Science Centre is a community project operated by the University of Wollongong. It provides an exciting, hands-on environment to encourage science literacy within the community, catering to local and regional school groups. Highlights include the Planetarium and interactive science and technology displays.

Location: Campus East, Cowper Street, Fairy Meadow
Web site: Science Centre and Planetarium

Sculpture Collection

Works by Australian sculptors are located within the buildings and grounds of the University as part of the University Art Collection. Highlights include works by Bert Flugelman.

Location: University Campus
Web site: University Art Collection

University Archives

The University Archives includes a range of manuscripts, along with published and pictorial material pertaining to the history of the University and of the Illawarra region in general, with an emphasis on labour history and politics.

Location: University Library (Building 16)
Web site: University Archives

University Art Collection

The University Art Collection comprises some 1,100 individual works, includes paintings, prints, textiles and sculptures by eminent Australian artists such as Lloyd Rees, Arthur Boyd, Judy Watson and Emily Kngwarreye. The Collection is distributed throughout the campus. There are also two exhibiting galleries located in the Creative Arts building.

Location: University Campus
Web site: University Art Collection

Woolyungah Indigenous Centre Collection

This collection includes research, teaching and study resources mainly for Aboriginal Studies staff and students, but also available for Aboriginal community access. It includes books, extracts from documents and manuscripts, audio-visual materials, and a collection of tools, weapons, implements, some photographs, paintings and other cultural artefacts.

Location: Woolyungah Indigenous Centre (Building 30)
Web site: Woolyungah Indigenous Centre

Last reviewed: 13 January, 2017