3D Printing Guide

Use of the Library’s 3D printing service is for lawful purposes only: users must abide by all applicable laws and University policies.

The University of Wollongong abides by the Copyright Act. These laws govern photocopying or creating other reproductions of copyrighted materials. Users of the 3D printing service must abide by copyright laws. Please see the University’s copyright policy.

The Library reserves the right to deny any print request for any reason.

Who can print?

The Library’s 3D printing service is available for use by current University of Wollongong students, faculty, and staff.

Cost of 3D printing

Upon receipt of a print request, a quote will be supplied based on cost of material per cubic centimetre. The minimum charge is $5.

The Library reserves the right to alter the charges for 3D printing after the pilot phase.

File submission and approval

All submissions are subject to approval based on scheduling, availability, and adherence to the printing policy. Print time varies depending on the design and dimensions of the 3D object.

  1. Files to be printed must be in .STL format.
  2. Complete and submit a 3D Print Request.
  3. The Library will review the submitted file(s) and then email a quote to the address provided.
  4. If the quote is accepted, the user will need to use his/her student card or casual print/copy card to pay for the print job. Payments are accepted at the Library’s Print Copy Room service desk between 8:30am and 4:30pm Monday to Friday.
  5. The user will be advised by email when the object is ready for collection.
  6. Submitted files will be deleted after the object has been printed and collected.

Quality of prints

Users may see slight imperfections in their prints. Small bumps, holes, or rough edges on the object may occur with 3D printing. There may be some instances where objects with multiple pieces or moving parts do not precisely fit together.


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Last reviewed: 28 April, 2016